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Iranian Dissent Continue

While protests following 2009 sham presidential elections are a part of history now, dissent in Iran continues to grow.  Following is a report of a memorial ceremony honoring dissident blogger Sattar Beheshti who died last month in custody of Iran's Cyber Police.

Mother Protests Son's Death Under Torture

Forty days past Sattar Beheshti's death under torture while in custody of Iranian police, family of the dissident blogger gathered along with a considerable number of Iranian citizens in Robat Karim cemetery near Tehran to honor his memory, yesterday.  The ceremony turned into a protest against the clerical regime.

"You killed my guardian, God destroy you," screamed Sattar's mother while walking through the cemetery holding a large picture of her son. "I'm proud of my son. Torturers said he laughed while they were beating him. I'm proud of him." Sattar's sister was accompanying her mother, holding a picture of the victim.  She was also screaming that she was proud of her brother.

{qtube vid:=HtUMln14eBA}


Iran's leader sets up Internet control group

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran's supreme leader has ordered the creation of an Internet oversight agency that includes top military and political figures in the country's boldest attempt to control the web.


France skeptical of Iran's willingness to talk


PARIS (AP) — France's foreign minister has raised doubt over new international talks with Iran, saying he's unconvinced the Islamic Republic is really willing to bargain over its prized nuclear program.

As Israel presses the need for possible military action, France and the United States are among six governments that announced Tuesday they will renew negotiations with Iran over its fiercely disputed nuclear efforts.



Iran: Students gathering and protests against repressive and reactionary policies of the mullahs in universities .

In recent days, students of various universities across the country have been protesting against the reactionary and repressive policies of the Iranian regime in universities and the deteriorating guild situation of the students.

On October 10, Polytechnic University students in Tehran gathered for the fifth day. They protested against the dire guild situation of the students, lack of safety and their exclusion from a university hostel, and lack of addressing the case of Amena Zangeneh, a graduate student of this university who died a few days ago due to lack of safety.


psychological torture

Iranian regime dispatches more agents to Camp Ashraf to intensify psychological torture of residents with 300 loudspeakers .
- Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) is planning to dispatch a number of its agents from city of Urumieh in western Iran and its vicinity to further intensify the psychological torture of Ashraf residents. The agents will leave Urumieh for Iraq on buses on October 12, 2011.

The psychological torture of Ashraf residents has continued since early 2010 with some 300 loudspeakers placed in and around the camp by MOIS agents with full political and logistical support of the Iraqi Government and forces. They are used for blaring profanities and threatening the residents around the clock.


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Iraqi forces attack Camp Ashraf