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The link between ISIS advances and Government backed militia


The situation in Iraq remains unstable and requires more than any other time a comprehensive policy primarily by the US government followed by the EU and other related regional countries. More than two months after the US started bombing the ISIS, the group is making further advances both in Syria and Iraq. 

The recent advances by the ISIS further highlight this question: 

Why and how ISIS, a terrorist group, manages to make such advances in two countries, facing the coalition of most powerful countries in the world?  


Iranian Regime Regional Threats and Strategic Responses

Iranian Regime Regional Threats and Strategic Responses

July 2014


by Walid Phares (Author) 

A thorough and factual analysis of the most recent developments in Iraq in the context of the broader crisis in the Middle East. The author, relying on his in-depth understanding of the region identifies Iran under the Ayatollahs as the most serious threat for the region. 

 The ongoing crises in the Middle East, from Iraq to Gaza, and the destabilization of the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula and parts of North Africa are in large part created by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Tehran has meddled in its neighbor's affairs through the backing of terror networks. It has also seized a number of significant opportunities over the past five years to expand its military influence in the region, destabilize moderate Arab states, intervene in Syria, arm and train Hezbollah in Lebanon, threaten Bahrain, and back the Hawthi insurgents in northern Yemen. Tehran's most destructive role can be most clearly distinguished in Iraq. 


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Iraqi forces attack Camp Ashraf