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Ambassador Mitchell Reiss: Front Line of Battle Against Mullahs Dictatorship

Ambassador Mitchell Reiss - Convention for Democracy in Iran, Paris, June 22, 2013

Convention for Democracy in Iran, Paris, June 22, 2013 - Thank you.  It’s an honor to be with you today.  Before I offer my formal remarks, I'd like to say in your native language, [Persian].


For years now Madame Rajavi and all of you have been warning the world about the Iranian regime’s murderous ambitions.  You’ve warned of Iran's efforts to increase its power and influence across the Middle East.  We see that most noticeably today in Syria, arming the regime, training its security forces, mobilizing Hezbollah.


But Iran is interfering in other countries as well, not just Syria.  It is interfering in Yemen where it continues to arm extremists.  It's interfering in Bahrain and the other Gulf States.  It has persisted with a nuclear weapons program that violates its international commitments.  And of course Iran continues to violate the basic human rights of 75 million Iranians who only want to speak as they please, dress as they please, worship as they please and create a better future for their children.

All this you have been telling the world for years.  You have exposed Tehran's lies and false promises.  You have uncovered Tehran's secret nuclear weapons program.  You have challenged Tehran by your public commitment to a democratic Iran based on the rule of law and at peace with its neighbors.

Just by being here today you have defied Tehran with your hope for a brighter future for your country that will one day be led by Madame Rajavi

And no one, no one has been braver; no one has been more courageous than your friends and relatives and loved ones in Camp Ashraf and Liberty.  They are on the front lines of this battle against the mullahs and they have paid a heavy price.

After the recent election we are now hearing calls for the United States to relax sanctions against the regime, to withdraw pressure and to accommodate Hassan Rowhani as a gesture of our good faith.  And there is concern that the Obama administration may be heeding these calls.

Nothing could be more shortsighted, nothing could be more dangerous.  So I must ask you again, here today, please continue to tell the world the truth about the regime in Tehran, the truth about the mullahs, the truth about the nuclear program, the truth about the massive violation of human rights.

We, the people of Iran, and the world need to hear your voice.

Thank you.

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