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Speaker Newt Gingrich: Rowhani To Prove Impossible To Be A Moderate Within A Dictatorship

Speaker Newt Gingrich  –Convention for Democracy in Iran, Villepinte, Paris, France

Convention for Democracy in Iran, Paris, June 22, 2013 - Thank you very much for the welcome, but more important, thank you for being involved in the struggle for a free Iranian future.  I can tell you that with all of you who are here, all the way to the back, the entire crowd, that you are making an impact. 

I do not believe that delisting would ever have occurred without you being involved. And I want to commend your president-elect for her leadership in bringing together worldwide people who are committed to moving onward to freedom in Iran.  So I thank all of you for being here.

Remember, that what you're witnessing today is historic.  And it is a tribute to the respect and the prestige that Mrs. Rajavi and the entire movement is getting. 

Today, in one day, you will hear from General Jones, General Shelton, General Casey, General Conway, General Wall, Colonel Martin, Colonel McCluskey, Colonel Cantwell, Colonel Johnson.  Five generals and four colonels come to say that your cause is just and right. 

And they will say the United States gave its word, the United States honor is at stake, the United States signed a contract with the residents of Camp Ashraf.  And that is why the United States should lead the effort to have a one-time airlift out of Iraq to a safe place and then resettle from a safe place, but not attempt over a number of years to gradually draw down Camp Liberty which is very, very dangerous and I think a betrayal of America's word to the people who trusted in the United States.  And you have tremendous military leadership supporting your right to demand that. 

Beyond the immediate challenge of Camp Liberty, I want to suggest to you that the election of Hassan Rowhani is the perfect trap for the dictatorship.  They have sold him as a moderate.  Now, he will prove once and for all that it is impossible to be a moderate within the dictatorship. 

First of all, 680 people applied to run for president, 672 were blocked.  Only the eight acceptable to the dictatorship were allowed to run.

This is a man who made his career lying to the Europeans and Americans and publicly boasted about it.  He said his job was to drive a wedge between the United States and Europe. 

And notice that immediately after the election, as all of the elite media talked about this moderate, the Iranian dictatorship announced it was sending 4,000 troops to Syria.  Hardly a moderate act.  The fact is, it is impossible to have a dictatorship like this voluntarily move to moderation. 

In the next few months they will prove that.  They will do nothing which holds up a real opening.  They will do nothing that provides liberty they will do nothing to openly negotiate.  They will simply smile.  The difference between Ahmadinejad and Rowhani is simple. With Ahmadinejad you had a dictatorship that growled.  With Rowhani you have a dictatorship that smiles but it is still a dictatorship. 

Your slogan for this meeting is the correct one, onward to freedom.  The only way to move onward to freedom is to have a genuinely open election in which anyone could run, including Mrs. Rajavi, and then let's see who the Iranian people pick when they have a genuinely open election. 

And until we have a genuinely open election we need to remind the world again and again, this is a dictatorship, it is dangerous, it is unreliable, and the only correct strategy is to replace it with a new government dedicated to freedom. 

And I believe the ten principles of your platform are as solid and idealistic as any in the world for that movement, so I commend you, I thank you, I urge you do not give up, do not slow down, do not lose faith.  You will see in your lifetime a free Iran. 

Thank you and God bless you.


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