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Mr. Geir Haarde, former Prime Minister of Iceland

Paris, June 23 2012 - Dear friends, dear friends it's a great pleasure for me to be here today representing a group of Nordic parliamentarians and from Estonia, who are here to show you that we are your friends.  This is the second time that I have the opportunity to address this big and wonderful gathering, this is an incredible event.  And fortunately, there has been some progress made since last year, particularly with respect to the delisting in the United States.  Let's hope that next time we meet after October 1st the delisting issue will be history.  [applause] Let us also hope that all of the relevant organizations that are dealing with matters in Ashraf and in Camp Liberty do their job, as they are supposed to do.  Let's hope that the United Nations, the United States, and everybody else, assumes their responsibilities with respect to solving that crisis and moving the people who are now in Ashraf and Liberty into safe countries.  And a lot of responsibility lies with Western world, so that they accept as refugees the people now living under those conditions.  We assure you that the people in the Nordic countries will do their best. 


Alejo VIDAL-QUADRAS (VP-MEP) – Will Not Stop Pressing For The Rights of Ashraf and Liberty Residents

Paris, June 23 2012 - Dear Mrs. President, dear friends, it is indeed a privilege for me to be among you today and to see so many assemble in the name of democracy for Iran.  Some of you have friends and family in Ashraf or Liberty who are suffering for the same beliefs, and I am glad they can see us now and be encouraged and proud of this huge gathering.  [applause]

Of course, we want to show them our support and our love and our solidarity.  But we also want action to be taken, action by the Department of State to delist the NCRI, action by the Iraqi government to treat the residents of Liberty according to the principles of humanity and respect of human rights.  [applause] Action by the European Union to accept resettlement in Europe of the residents.  Action by the United Nations to accelerate the procedure of granting the status of asylum seekers for the residents.  We want action, no more excuses.  No more delays.  No more lies.  No more appeasement.  Action.  Action.  We want action.  [applause] And we, we four and many of our colleagues in the European Parliament want action.  We want action from (Ashton).  [applause]


Struan Stevenson (MEP): It Is In Truth Not For Glory, Nor Riches, Nor Honors That We Fight, But For Freedom

Paris, June 23 2012 - Well, thank you for such a wonderful welcome.  Before I start can I welcome the delegation from the European Parliament with me today.  The vice president of the Parliament, Alejo Vidal-Quadras.  [applause] And the great hero of Estonia, [0:01:53].  And one of the great supporters of the PMOI, NCRI from Poland, Ryszard Czarnecki.  [applause]

Ladies and gentlemen, we had a very interesting week in the European Parliament this week.  Last weekend I received from my secretariat for my delegation for relations with Iraq I received notification that the Iraqi embassy in Brussels had sent a list of 14 names of senior Iraqis who were apparently going to come to Brussels on Tuesday last week and were asking for a meeting.  They wanted to attend the routine monthly meeting of my delegation for relations with Iraq.  There were no designations next to any of these 14 names.  So I immediately e-mailed the list to my friends in Ashraf, and back came the list with all the designations.  [applause]  But let me tell you; let me tell you that this list contained the deputy foreign minister.  It contained the name of George (Bakus) from the office of the prime minister.  But it also contained several prominent members of military and intelligence, including the notorious Colonel Sadiq, now the commanding officer in Camp Liberty.  [applause] And as we all know, Colonel Sadiq has been indicted by the judges in Spain for his complicity in the alleged murder of 47 people in the two massacres in Camp Ashraf and his involvement in torture and oppression.  So, I immediately gave instructions that this man must be stopped from entering the European Parliament.  He must have his security badge removed. [applause] And I waited in the meeting room on Tuesday, waiting for this delegation from Iraq to arrive.  And they were 20 minutes late because when they arrived at the door of the European Parliament the security officials stripped Colonel Sadiq of his security pass and they would not allow him in the building.  [applause] Ladies and gentlemen, we do not welcome alleged murderers in the European Parliament.  [applause]


Dara Murphy: I welcome President Rajavi’s commitment to peaceful struggle

Mr. Dara Murphy, spokesman for Ireland’s Fianna Fáil Party:

Paris, June 23 2012 - Salam Iran, salam Ashraf, salam President Elect Rajavi. [applause] Or as we say in my language, the Irish language, “Dia muire […].”  “God’s with you all.” [applause] I come here today with my delegation and our former Prime Minister, John Bruton, as a democrat, as a fellow human being who hopes that all of us can share in the same dreams for our futures.  Some of us have freedom and some of us who have that freedom have forgotten the journey that we took to arrive where we are today.  The democracy we have is the envy of many parts of our world.  And we have a responsibility to the people who went before us, who struggled for that freedom and the people who will come after us, our grandchildren, to help people like the people of Iran to achieve freedom also. [applause] Today I know I am very privileged to speak at a conference attended by tens of thousands of people and spoken today by so many parliamentaries from around the world.  I have listened with great interest to the discussion, but the talk of powerful people must be followed by powerful action. [applause]


John Bruton: People of Iran will get democracy as a result of your determination

Ambassador John Bruton, former Irish Prime Minister and the European Union Ambassador to the United States:

Paris, June 23 2012 - I’m very proud indeed to share a platform with a [not audible] party delegation from Ireland here to support the people of Ashraf and Camp Liberty led [applause] on this occasion by Deputy Dara Murphy of the Fianna Fáil Party.  But the important people who are here are not on the platform.  They are the people at the very back of the hall.  Those of you who’ve had the privilege of speaking to this gathering, I would safely say, have not spoken to as large a delegation of people in your entire lives up till now.


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