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Dr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras (VP European Parliament) – Transforming Iran to Open Society, a Noble Cause

Alejo Vidal-Quadras at Villepinte 2013 - Paris, France

Convention for Democracy in Iran, Paris, June 22, 2013 - Dear Mrs. President, dear friends, today we are here in Paris but our hearts and our thoughts are with those in Ashraf and Liberty.  And it is to them that I will now speak to. 


Rally against Presence of Ahmadinejad in New York, United Nations


New York, September 26, 2012 -  Ladies and gentlemen and supporters of the resistance of Liberty, congratulations.  Congratulations to all of you who have come from near and afar, from California to Texas, from Florida to Illinois, from Mexico to New York.  Together, here outside the United Nations headquarters, we are gathering together for this magnificent victory of the Iranian Resistance.


Patrick Kennedy: Ahmadinejad Does Not Speak for People of Iran

New York, September 26, 2012 -  Hello, everybody.  Welcome.  Welcome to New York.  It's so good to see all of you here and it's so good to know that the people of Iran will be represented today, not by President Ahmadinejad, but by you, the Democratic Opposition. 

So, you may say, why are we here today?  We're here today to say that Ahmadinejad does not speak for the people of Iran, only the people of Iran will speak for themselves.  We're here today to say that while Ahmadinejad is at the UN, the people of Iran also deserve to be heard at the UN today.  And we're here today to take satisfaction in the great campaign that all of you have waged to make sure that the Democratic Opposition in Iran has a voice politically.  And today that voice is getting stronger thanks to the delisting of the MEK.


Mayor Rudy Giuliani: Time for a reality check of Ahmadinejad


New York, September 26, 2012 -  Good morning.  Welcome to New York City, the capital of the world.  Welcome to New York City, a day on which I am quite embarrassed for my city that this animal is speaking at the United Nations, on Yom Kippur, showing the United Nations total disregard for the Israelis, for the Jewish people, for the sentiments of the people of New York, and for the sentiments of all of us that believe in civil liberties, human rights.  Time for a reality check of Ahmadinejad. 


Governor Tom Ridge: Camp Liberty Must Be Designated as a Refugee Camp

New York, September 26, 2012 -  Thank you.   First of all, obviously the first amendment is alive and well in New York City.  Thank you all, ladies and gentlemen.   First of all, I want to say thank you to the organizers of this event for giving me the opportunity to speak after Maryam Rajavi.  This is a very difficult act to follow.  Let us once again recognize that Maryam Rajavi will be loved and admired not only in the United States, but with the Iranians and around the world. 


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Iraqi forces attack Camp Ashraf