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Judge Michael Mukasey: Free Camp Liberty To Join In The Struggle For Free Iran

Judge Michael Mukasey  –Convention for Democracy in Iran, Villepinte, Paris, France

Convention for Democracy in Iran, Paris, June 22, 2013 -  Mrs. Rajavi, and brothers and sisters who love freedom and yearn for a free Iran.  When we met in past years and MEK members were in Ashraf we always spoke of the danger from Iraq, from Iranian agents in Iraq, the MEK at those times was still on the U.S. list of foreign terrorist organizations, a designation that never had any basis in fact and was made purely as an accommodation to the mullahs, a misguided and of course unsuccessful attempt to entice them into negotiations by designating their principal opposition, the MEK, as terrorists. 

We were told solemnly by the U.S. government that moving away from Ashraf to Liberty was something that was in MEK's interests.  We were told by representatives of our state department that being near the Baghdad Airport would make it easier to get people out to other countries.  And we were also assured that there was an emergency plan.  It was secret, it couldn’t be disclosed, but we were told that there was a plan if an emergency developed. 

Yet now when MEK finally pushed in the courts of the United States, against State Department opposition, and was removed from the list of foreign terrorist organizations, and now that MEK has done what the U.S. government asked, and moved its members to Liberty, the danger looks greater than ever. 

Remember how this started.  MEK members gave up their weapons in 2003 when the United States invaded Iraq.  They were vetted, all of them, by the FBI and found to have no terrorist connections.  They were given personal, individual guarantees by U.S. representatives, including the U.S. military, that they would be treated as protected persons under the Geneva Conventions.  Even as their situation has gotten progressively worse, these assurances continued.  We are now at a crisis point. 

A new president has been elected in Iran, and we are certain to hear from our State Department that we must be accommodating to this person because he is a moderate.

Rowhani is a moderate?  He could not have stood for election without the approval of Khamenei and the other mullahs.  He was schooled in the West, and then when it appeared to be in his interest, as we say in the United States, got religion, in more senses of that word than one.  If his career resembles anybody's career it resembles the career of President Putin of Russia, and that's no model.  He comes out of the security services. 

What can be done in the face of that?  Well, what can be done in the face of that is to take inspiration from the residents who are living in a place ironically called Liberty that is really concentration camp Liberty, and tell them that they are not forgotten.  And that they will not be forgotten. 

Those of us who were enlisted by our State Department to help convince the residents of Ashraf, must bear some special responsibility in this crisis.  And I'll tell you, I was there when that happened, and I can vouch for the fact that as Mrs. Rajavi told you, Kobler asked very specific questions about Massoud Rajavi and it made our blood run cold. 

But I’m also here to tell the residents and our own State Department that I recognize my own responsibility in this matter and I’m not going to shrink from it or shirk it. 

I promise you, and I promise them, that I will not stop speaking out until the residents of Camp Liberty are free to rejoin the struggle that we're all in, and that is the struggle for a free Iran.  That I pledge to you and to them. 

Thank you very much.

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Iraqi forces attack Camp Ashraf