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Governor Bill Richardson – Rowhani is Not a Moderate

 Governor Bill Richardson at Villepinte 2013 - Paris, France

Convention for Democracy in Iran, Paris, June 22, 2013 - Thank you very much.  You know, the recent presidential election in Iran, do you think it was a legitimate election?

Audience:      No!

The recent presidential election in Iran was not legitimate, because there was no viable opposition.  They didn't even let Rafsanjani run.  He's been one of the pillars of the regime since its inception and he was not qualified. 

What does it mean to disqualify somebody like Rafsanjani?  This means that the regime is weak, vulnerable, and that it cannot tolerate even one of its own people for the opposition. 

What this shows is that all of the power in Iran is in the hands of the supreme leader.  The president is simply in charge of some logistical work and nothing more. 

And this president is no moderate.  He is the top nuclear negotiator of a nuclear Iran.  He is not a moderate.  The litmus test for Iran is clear:  Freedom of expression, freedom of political parties, releasing all political prisoners, stopping the nuclear program, and stopping support for the Syrian dictator. 

So, what should be done?  The answer is simple.  The time is now for regime change. 

Now is the time to support the Iranian people in their quest for freedom and democracy.  Now is the time to support the resistance movement under Mrs. Rajavi's leadership.  That's what is needed. 

Why is now the time?  First, the MEK is no longer part of the American terrorist list.  Delisting was a great achievement and we celebrated it, but now we have to move forward. 

What should be our next goal?  The next goal should be regime change.  The next goal should be an effort to advance forward.  So what we are saying to the international community, to all the leaders that are here, to all the countries represented, is, "We need regime change and this is the time to support the MEK.  Support the MEK." 

The time of the mullahs is coming to an end.  Now is your time, the people of Iran's time.  Now is the time to change the regime.  We will support you and make sure that our government and all our governments side with you. 

And now is the time for the international community to support the people of Liberty and do everything possible for their security while they're still in Iraq. 

Vive la résistance Iranienne.  Vive la résistance d'Iran.  Long live the Iranian resistance.  And please give me a big hand, because my speech is exactly four minutes and thirty seconds. 

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