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Dr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras (VP European Parliament) – Transforming Iran to Open Society, a Noble Cause

Alejo Vidal-Quadras at Villepinte 2013 - Paris, France

Convention for Democracy in Iran, Paris, June 22, 2013 - Dear Mrs. President, dear friends, today we are here in Paris but our hearts and our thoughts are with those in Ashraf and Liberty.  And it is to them that I will now speak to. 

Dear friends of Ashraf and Liberty, I have come to reiterate my commitment to you as I did five years ago in Camp Ashraf.  Your many friends at the European Parliament will not stop until we are sure of your safety as well as your move to Ashraf or to democratic countries. You are our inspiration, our hope and our strength.  We are proud of you. 

Dear friends, we were victorious in getting the PMOI taken off the U.S. blacklist.  We were successful in our campaign to dismiss Martin Kobler, that agent of the Iranian regime disguised as an international diplomat.  We now need to win the battle for Camp Liberty's protection. 

The last massacre was further proof that the U.S. Department of State and the United Nations have not fulfilled their obligations. How many deaths will it take before they do something effective? Inaction in the face of murder is collaboration with murderers. 

But action is to participate in the crime.  And I hope one day Martin Kobler will be held accountable for his shameful behavior.  But here dear friends don't forget the devil generously rewards those who are on his side. 

Why is the PMOI demonized?  Because over the years and in the face of numerous trials they have not given up their struggle but have continued to strive for a democratic Iran.  They are the real threat to the regime.  Their attacks on liberty show the weakness of the regime and are motivated by fear. 

This is the sixth year I have participated in your gathering.  You are the beacon of a resistance which never gets tired and that does not need to rely on foreign powers. 

I commend President Rajavi for her leadership and also wish to salute the historical leader of the Iranian resistance, Massoud Rajavi.  I hope I hope to meet him very soon in a free Iran.  Massoud and his brave followers have become symbols of perseverance and hope in these dark times of moral relativism and dirty pragmatism. 

To conclude, the days of the regime are numbered.  The farcical elections may have created temporary false hope for change.  But the West will soon realize that in this regime there is no distinction between moderates and hardliners, unless one thinks that it is possible to be a moderate criminal. 

While honoring those who have given their lives for this purpose, let us look to the future and prepare for the overthrow of the regime and the installation of a democratic government supported by all of you. 

There is no better or more noble goal in our times than that of transforming Iran into an open society.  Let us not give up until we save the Iranian people from oppression and darkness.  We all know that the battle for justice and freedom never ends, but we also know that there is no better life than that dedicated to this endless fight.  Viva Iran Liberte. 

And now dear friends it is my pleasure to call to this stage two personalities, one ended the diplomatic relations between Algeria and Iran in protest to the mullahs' terrorist meddling in Algeria.  He has strived for decades to defend the rights of Ashraf and Liberty.  He's also president of Arab-Islamic Committee in Defense of Ashraf.  I call to the stage Sid Ahmad Ghozali.

But, but before Mr. Ghozali comes to us I would like to call to my good colleague, vice president of the European Parliament, an excellent friend,


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Iraqi forces attack Camp Ashraf