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James Conway-Paris, June-2014 – The Grand Gathering of Iranians

James Conway-Paris, June-2014 – The Grand Gathering of Iranians

General James Conway The 34th Commandant of the Marine Corps

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is General Conway. As a three star General serving with my marines in Iraq in two tours. I was one of those people who made a promise to your countrymen. That is why I am here with you today. I have for you three quick points:


First of all, I fear that the United States Immigration system is nearing dysfunction. You heard General Shelton and Attorney General Muksey talk about things they were tempting to do as US representatives to bring those people from Liberty into our country. I wish I had more confidence that, that was going to happen. As a nation we follow some of our immigration laws, others we choose to ignore. Today as we sit here we have tens of thousands of people coming across our southern border and ridiculously we go to interview those people at Liberty which clearly meet the definition for political asylum and yet we somehow are not allowing that to happen.

I am more concerned than ever before for the safety and security of your country men at Liberty when the world is distracted by other events, Syria, the attacks into Iraq, the Ukrainian situation, there is ample precedent for bad people doing bad things, so I am concerned for their safety and security

My third point is that, and this is really to all the nations that are represented today here, many of home they have superb records for humanitarian assistance, I ask you not to wait on the United States because if you do that it may be too late. I ask, that you consider doing the right thing for those people who again in my mind they are in increased levels of jeopardy before the real danger approaches. Doing the right thing does not depend on someone else gong first. So please as you go back to your nations tell them what you see here today and try to make a difference.

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