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Rudy Giuliani -Paris, June-2014 – The Grand Gathering of Iranians

Rudy Giuliani -Paris, June-2014 – The Grand Gathering of Iranians

Rudy Giuliani Former Mayor of New York City

Thank you. This is quite an impressive gathering. From standing here it seems to be an endless number of people. And I think we’re all here and we realize what a critical time this is for all of us, a critical time with a civil war in Iraq, almost 3,000 of your people, our people, stranded there at risk of their lives, some of whom have already lost their lives, and only stranded there because of the broken promises of the United States and the United Nations. That’s a shame. That’s a tragedy. That shouldn’t happen. Similar catastrophe going on in Syria, and we are on the verge of Iran achieving what it’s always wanted to achieve, becoming a nuclear power. So we couldn’t be here at a more important time.



And it’s quite obvious that at the core of all of these problems, no matter what solutions we can try to figure out for all of them and more, at the core of all of these problems is the regime in Iran. It should be changed, it must be changed, it has to be changed. We are just fooling ourselves and fooling the world if we don’t realize that and recognize it. And in this particular case the alternative is clear. In Egypt, in Libya, the alternative to regime change was not clear. In Syria, because of our dithering and our inability to make decisions the regime change and the alternatives in Syria became very difficult. And now we’ve let the same thing happen in Iraq by failing to act early enough in getting rid of Maliki. But the regime change in Iran is easy. There is an alternative. There’s an alternative in Iran that stands for democracy, stands for freedom, stands for human rights, stands for the rights of a woman, is led by a woman. And most importantly at this time in our history it stands for a non-nuclear Iran. And that is of course the MEK and Madame Rajavi.


For those of us who have been involved with you for so many years now, what is happening in Iraq is no surprise. It amazes me that people are saying they didn’t know about ISIS, they didn’t know about the influences that were taking place in Iraq, that they didn’t know Maliki had become a client of Iran. What do you mean they didn’t know? This has been going on for two years, three years. Just like he killed our people, your people, our people, just like Maliki killed them at Ashraf and Liberty he also kills his own people. He’s attempted to wipe out huge, huge amounts of the Sunni population, of the Kurds, and the people who oppose him. He is a dictator, a murderer, a killer and a client of Iran. How can we allow him to remain there? How can we possibly seek to engage Iran in trying to solve the problem of Iraq? How absurd, how stupid is that? Iran has solved the problem of Iraq, for Iran. They have Maliki, that’s their solution. We are seeking to engage them in helping us in Iraq, and three days ago the Ayatollah gave a speech and said, you know what, the United States should stay out of Iraq, because he wants to control Iraq. Because he is perfectly happy with the solution that now exists with Maliki in control. It all gets back to the same thing, we cannot solve the problem in Iraq without solving the problem in Iran.


And the same thing is true for the negotiations for a nuclear-free Iran. Please remember that until the interim agreement the whole struggle was to keep Iran from having nuclear capacity, any form of nuclear capacity. Iran does not need the peaceful use of nuclear power. That would be like Saudi Arabia needing the peaceful use of nuclear power. It’s absurd. They’ve got plenty of energy. They’re not a state starving for energy. They do not need the peaceful use of nuclear power. You’d have to be an idiot to accept that argument. You’d have to be foolish, childish and immature not to realize, not to realize that what they want to do is to be recognized and allowing them to have the peaceful use of nuclear power. Then they want to do to us what they did to us before, in 2003, and 2005, they want to cheat, they want to fool us again. Remember, we went through this before. They promised they weren’t going to enrich uranium. And then they were caught red-handed three times enriching uranium. Who was in charge of that program for Iran? Rouhani the reformer, who brags about it in his memoirs that he fooled us, that he cheated us, that he lied to us. And who caught him? Who caught him in his lies? You did, the MEK.


So let’s tell the world what’s going on inside Iran right now, under the reformer. More oppression than even when Ahmadinejad was there. More executions than even when Ahmadinejad was there. You think those executions are happening by accident? Those executions are happening because the Ayatollah and Rouhani want to present a picture of a reformer to the rest of the world with a big smiling face, but they don’t want the people of Iran to misunderstand the message. They don’t want the people of Iran to start believing maybe he really is a reformer, because they know how fragile their regime is. They know what happened several years ago when the U.S. turned their back on the people of Iran. They know that dictatorship, oppressive murdering dictatorship like the theocracy in Iran are always resting on a very, very, very thin reed, always right on the precipice of being overthrown. They know that because they know what’s going on inside Iran and they’re killing people for two reasons, to make sure the people of Iran don’t get the wrong message and start to believe that Rouhani is a reformer. Apparently they’ve been able to convince the administration in my country that he’s a reformer. Apparently they’ve been able to convince parts of Europe that he’s a reformer. But they want to make sure the people of Iran don’t make that mistake. They want the people of Iran to know he’s as big a murderer, as big a killer, as big an executioner as you’ve ever had in Iran.


So let’s reiterate, what do we need out of a nuclear agreement with Iran? Here’s what we need out of a nuclear agreement with Iran. Number one, no nuclear capacity for Iran, none. So long as the Ayatollah is there, so long as Rouhani is there, they cannot be trusted with nuclear capacity. No nuclear capacity. Inspection at any and all times. And never ever, for any reason, never ever in any negotiation for any reason give up the principle of regime change in Iran because ultimately it’s the only solution.


Last thought. These very big issues that affect the peace, that Iran, the United States and the world are engaging. But we can’t let this moment pass without remembering our people who are left behind in Iraq, they are the ones paying the price. The people now at the concentration camp, at the killing field known as Camp Liberty. Camp Liberty, they should be ashamed of themselves for calling it Camp Liberty. The United States should be ashamed of itself, the UN should be ashamed of itself and the people in charge in Iraq should be in jail. They’re war criminals. They’ve gone into Ashraf and murdered. They’ve gone into Liberty and murdered. They are war criminals. They’ve committed crimes against humanity. And we negotiate with them and we talk to them and we prop them up. So to the people at Liberty, please understand we are here for you, we remember you, we will fight for you. We wish we could deliver you. I wish my country would live up to its promise. I wish my country would not continue to dishonor itself by having promised you freedom and protection and denied it to you. I wish I could make that happen.


But there is, no matter how strongly we all feel about it, and you see these people who are here with us today, no matter how strongly we feel about it there is one person who feels it every minute of every hour of every day. She is a great woman. And when the history of your country is written, Madame Rajavi will be known as the great liberator of Iran. It is my honor to present to you Madame Rajavi.

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