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Howard Dean-Paris, June-2014 – The Grand Gathering of Iranians

Howard Dean-Paris, June-2014 – The Grand Gathering of Iranians

Howard Dean Former Governor of Vermont and Chairman of the Democratic National committee from 2005 to 2009

So most of you know that I ran the democratic party and the democratic national convention in 2008. There are more people in this hall than there were at the democratic national convention in 2004 and the republican national convention in 2004. So all those state department people say, when they’re busy trying to keep America from keeping its promises, they say, “Oh, the MEK doesn’t have any support.” Oh, yeah? Come on over here State Department and see about all this support.



So now there have been some great speeches today. I am not going to give that kind of a speech and everybody who has a pencil or a pen should take it out now. Last year when I came here, I said to Madame Rajavi and the leadership, “You need a better presence on social media.” They went to work. You see these tweets? Let me tell you how successful you are. You have already done 200,000, but not only were you in the top six for every hour since this has begun, for 15 minutes you were the biggest tweeters in the entire world. Number one, number one. So the first thing we’re going to do is more tweeting and I want you to use two hashtags. One is hashtag Mariam Rajavi. You know about that one, but there’s another hashtag I want you to use: hashtag Iran. Why? Because the Mullahs used hashtag Iran and now you have made so many tweets that we have taken hashtag Iran away from the Mullahs so you used hashtag Mariam Rajavi and we’re going to use hashtag Iran because first we take their hashtag and then we take their country back.

Next, your very hardworking leadership has not wasted any time in the last year. Not only for 15 minutes were you the number one tweeter in the whole world, they have also started a campaign to send petitions through Change.org. One about the 1988 massacre of 30,000 people which the ayatollahs performed, and two, they have a campaign about Camp Liberty. It is important that you go on the website NCR-I.org, excuse me, NCR-Iran.org. Go on that website and there will be two petitions. We need you to sign those petitions. You will be redirected to Change.org and there’s those two petitions. Those are creations for young activists both in Europe and in the United States to begin to require the White House to keep the word that the White House and our troops have given for so many years. This is the way we build support. This is the way you use social media, so go to NCR-Iran and then redirect to the Change.org petition. Sign them. Finally, after you do those two things, and those things you can do at home. The tweets we’d like now, but the other two things you can do at home. The third thing I want you to do is go to WhiteHouse.gov, WhiteHouse.gov, and in the upper corner, in a little brown bar, tiny little letters, you will see the word “Contact.” I want everyone in this hall to send a note to President Obama asking him to keep America’s word and bring the people out of Liberty. Www.WhiteHouse.gov. It is time that it’s not just a group of Americans and parliamentarians but people from around the world that are asking the United States to keep its word. It is time that a very large international group of both Americans and Iranian ex-pats from all over the world insist that America keep its word. It is no longer enough to put pressure on the State House and put pressure on the National Security Council. Now we are going to make this President Obama’s responsibility and he will answer for what he does. Www.WhiteHouse.gov NCR-Iran Change.org petitions, and one last blast of tweeting, so we can see if we can get back to number one. Thank you very much.

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