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David Phillips -Paris, June 2014 – The Grand Gathering of Iranians

David Phillips -Paris, June 2014 – The Grand Gathering of Iranians

David Phillips Former US Chief of Military Police and commander of all Police operation in Iraq, includes protection of Ashraf

Thank you. Madame Rajavi, members of the resistance, my comments today are directed right at Camp Liberty, specifically Madame (Mojgan Parsaei). It was ten years ago this month, ten years ago this very month, in June of 2004, when I sat across the table and handed you the first promissory note on behalf of the United States government that you and the over 3,000 other members at Camp Ashraf were protected persons under the Geneva Convention.



Unfortunately, both you and I know a significant number of the people who were seated around that table in June of ’04 have since been murdered. There was no protection. Well, I was there when the promise was made to you ten years ago and I will be there when that promise is ultimately. Thank you.

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Iraqi forces attack Camp Ashraf