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John Dennis Hastert -Paris, June 2014 – The Grand Gathering of Iranians

John Dennis Hastert -Paris, June 2014 – The Grand Gathering of Iranians

John Dennis Hastert Former Speaker of the US House of Representatives

I am very honored to be here to speak to you today because you are the free people of Iran. You breathe free air every day. Now is the time to extend that freedom to the people of Camp Liberty and to the country of Iran. Freedom to your countrymen, to your friends, your fathers, your sisters, your children, all who live today at Camp Liberty under the thumb of the Iraqis and Iran. Tomorrow, if you are successful at Camp Liberty, next you can be successful in Iran. But your actions here, your actions tomorrow, and your actions when you leave this place, will be able to open the doors of freedom to the people at Camp Liberty. This is one of the greatest and largest political assemblies that I’ve ever seen. But political assemblies create political rhetoric. We want political action.



Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you how you can be effective tomorrow when we leave this place and create political action. We’ll start with the United States of America. There’s a bill, this bill right here, that’s in the House of Representatives. This bill is 3707. It guarantees, if this bill passes out of the House of Representatives and the Congress and goes to the president that the United States must keep its word and free the people at Camp Liberty. This bill also guarantees that the United States must work with the United Nations and make sure all those people in Camp Liberty find a home and freedom around the world. How do we do this? You have friends, you have family who live in the United States. They must insist at the doors of the U.S. Congress that this bill be passed out of committee next week. This is what political democracy is all about. You can make change. You can make freedom. If you can open the doors at Camp Liberty you can open the doors of freedom to Iran and this next meeting will be in Tehran. Thank you.

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