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Mrs Rajavi calls for International Fact-finding Mission and Opening the Doors to Camp Liberty in Iraq to Journalists and Parliamentarians

At the session of the UN Security Council on Tuesday, July 16, Martin Kobler, who ends his mandate in Iraq, demonized the residents of Camps Ashraf and Liberty, who have been victimized, in favor of the Government of Iraq and the religious fascism ruling Iran.

Mrs Rajavi said, "Kobler's actions betray human rights and R-to-P principle and stain UN's record…The UN Secretary-General as international guardian of Responsibility-to-Protect must end the blood trade and suffering of imprisoned refugees at Camp Liberty".

This was in response to the petition filed by the lawyer of the residents against the United Nations SRSG, Martin Kobler's criminal actions. He repeated his ludicrous fabrications, which had previously been exposed in numerous personal and joint letters by more than 3,000 residents, and pinned blame on the victims and the camp leadership, accusing them of violating the rights of the residents and even preventing them from accessing medical services.

Governor Ed Rendell

Geneva, February 28, 2013 - We have failed the residents of Ashraf and Liberty because we were lied to by Mr. Kobler, we were misled by our own government, and we helped to persuade Madam Rajavi to persuade the leadership of Ashraf to begin the resettlement process. We were lied to and we were naïve.

There was never any caring about protecting residents at Liberty. Remember the whole condition precedent for going to Liberty was that it was going to be safer at Liberty. It wasn’t isolated, it was near Baghdad; it was going to be safer. It is also a hellhole.  Every promise made about the condition at Liberty, about what is in the MoU, what residents of Ashraf could bring with them, almost every promise has been violated.

Judge Michael Mukasey

Washington, February 9, 2013 - Mayor Giuliani and I traveled to Paris and met with Mrs. Rajavi and with Martin Kobler and with his assurance, his two-faced duplicitous lying assurance that the residents of Ashraf as they then were would be protected if they moved to Camp Liberty.

That's how we got to where we are.  And then came attack last night. And what did Martin Kobler say this morning when he heard about this attack? He said that explosions had occurred in the camp as if it were spontaneous and then he said that Iraqi policeman had been injured in the attack as if to suggest somehow the Iraqis weren't responsible for it.


General David Phillips

Paris, November 17, 2012 - Martin Kobler, I contacted him by email, called him by phone and sent him correspondents, never responded. He gave the mullah regime legitimacy in pulling out and closing Camp Ashraf to allow the Iraqis to pilfer, vandalize and loot that place. The residents peaceably complied with every request and what did they get in return? Confinement, under concentration-camp-like conditions of Camp Liberty while their former home is vandalized and destroyed. Yet Martin Kobler watches knowingly without so much as speaking up if the agreement he helped make, to do the relocation, are disregarded by the Iraqis; and the residents are systematically stripped of their property but never their dignity.

Mr. Kobler! I hope you are watching, because you have shown your colors to this soldier and everyone else who has seen what you are doing there. You have been no help to anyone other than the mullahs’ regime.

Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Washington, February 9, 2013 - About a year ago in front of a gathering like this, I said that it looked like Camp Liberty would be a concentration camp. When I met on, I believe it was July 1st of 2012 with Martin Kobler in Paris with Judge Mukasey present and a number of our colleagues, he was insulted that I called it a concentration camp. Well, Martin Kobler, it is not only a concentration camp, it's a killing field.

And you, Martin Kobler, watched it become a concentration camp. You allowed it to become a concentration camp and you permitted it to become a killing field.  You shouldn't resign.  Ban Ki-moon should fire you today.

Martin Kobler, I am personally outraged because you lied to me, you lied to Judge Mukasey, you lied right to our face.  You lied to Madam Rajavi. You're a liar and the blood of these people is on your hands


Ingrid Betancourt

Villepinte-Paris, June 22, 2013 - Martin Kobler was really a liar.

Today when we see what happened, we see that he was a liar.  He used the hope of having people welcomed to other countries, transferred to other countries, he built his lie on that hope and he took out the people from Ashraf, lying to them, and he brought them to Camp Prison.  Because it's not Camp Liberty, it's Camp Prison.

I think we must ponder on what that lie means, because it's a lie that is a crime.  People have died because of that lie.  And it's not only a crime but it's also an act of corruption... So, Kobler, not only he's a liar, not only he's a very corrupt man, but he's also a criminal.


Colonel Wesley Martin

The Hague, October 30, 2012 - The US and the UN downplayed the 2009 and 2011 attacks. They pretended, Ambassador Kobler specifically, that Liberty was a very fit place to live. It is not. I lived at Liberty when I worked at detention operations. Yes then it was very fit. Once the Americans left, the camp was looted by the Iraqi military, property was destroyed by the Iraqi military, and the weather deteriorated the seals in the black water tankers and a whole bunch of other things. PMOI was accused of trashing the area for their own photos. The photos show the trash was from the American military two years earlier. I found it impossible to believe that members of the National Liberation Army who go to inspection at Ashraf and again in Liberty and have trailers full of American waste so they can immediately drop in the camp. Yet that is exactly what Ambassador Kobler claimed.

Ambassador John Bolton

Geneva, February 28, 2013 - Kobler is suffering what in the US State Department we call client titers.

He thinks he works not for the United Nations and its member governments but for the Government of Iraq and I think his situation at this point is simply hopeless... what Martin Kobler has done and what the High Commissioner's office has permitted to happen is that its role has been politicized it is following the will of the Al Maliki’s government which is following the will of the mullahs in Tehran.



Congressman Patrick Kennedy

Geneva, February 28, 2013 - If we had paid attention to the lives of those who said initially that Liberty was a humanitarian camp; well we know today that it was a lie because we saw conflicting memos from those in the UN saying that conditions at Liberty were deplorable and unfit for humanitarian concerns. But Martin Kobler said that Liberty was OK for resettlement. Martin Kobler lied about the humanitarian condition in Liberty.

Next, we saw the promise of resettlement, rapid resettlement for the asylum seekers who moved to Liberty in order to be resettled. Again we saw Martin Kobler lied about rapid resettlement of those in camp Liberty. And finally we heard that camp Liberty was safe and secure when all of your family members told us and showed us this was not true. But Martin Kobler said that it was true and it would be safe. Martin Kobler lied again about the safety of camp Liberty.

We have to call on all of those of good conscious at the UN to say is Martin Kobler worthy of the name as UN commissioner when it comes to the safety and protection of people in camp Liberty? Is Martin Kobler worthy of being trusted again? Is Martin Kobler worthy of promising the protection, safety and resettlement of the people of camp Liberty? No, he is not and the UN must say so and say so aggressively.

Martin Kobler must go... we need to have accountability and call for an investigation.

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Iraqi forces attack Camp Ashraf