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Oreste Rossi, MEP

Brussels, March 27 2013 – I welcome Maryam Rajavi, President of the National Council of the Iranian Resistance who I think does not represent only the late eight victims of the violence perpetrated against her people and compatriots but, I even think she can worthily represent the over 120.000 victims of the Iranian regime, who were your organization’s people and victims.


I believe that Europe proved itself to be too weak towards Iran and Iraq. And I want to show you two evidences of this. One, the effort to undertake a mission to Iran by a delegation from the European Parliament, which I am involved in and which I opposed to and that was canceled the day before leaving. I think that by carrying out a mission to Iran we would risk to legitimate this regime so, luckily it was canceled!


Another issue is the recent adoption, in January, of a European Parliament’s resolution regarding a partnership agreement with Iraq, issued without a strong complaint about the situation in Camp Ashraf and in Camp Liberty in it. These dire violations should be written, exposed and you should ask for explanations in that resolution.

I also think that European diplomacy is too weak. I see a Catherine Ashton too weak when she intervenes.

And what about UN. I think that Mr. Martin Kobler should answer here, as he witnessed too many murderous events, remaining silent. Too many people were killed, too many assaults were carried out in Camp Ashraf before and in Camp Liberty after and I would like not to forget that, before  UN soldiers’ eyes a few years ago 8000 people were slain in Srebrenica. I fear that Camp Liberty may become a new Srebrenica.

Maybe there are two paths to follow. One, shut down Camp Liberty and return to Camp Ashraf which is, in fact, a city with its own hospitals and today almost deserted. Otherwise a relocation, but that should be immediate, to European, American or others guest countries, I am thinking about Australia too, which will be willing to accept these people.

One thing is certain: this situation cannot remain as it is today.

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Iraqi forces attack Camp Ashraf