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Mariana Harkin MEP from Irelands

Brussels, March 27 2013 – Thank you very much… Madam Rajavi and colleagues, the phone you have just seen a few moments ago some of colleague showed to me in Strasbourg a few weeks ago and they showed me photographs and they described what happened and just behind me here, if you have a look some of you might have seen it on your way we small train with the photograph of 8 people who lost their life in camp Liberty. On the morning of 8th of February all of those people were alive, latter that morning they were slaughtered and they were innocent to slaughter.

They were promised to safety and security and I agree with Stevenson, they are in the killing zone. To be honest with you I cannot understand why it is called camp Liberty, why word Liberty used?! Because there is no Liberty! There is no freedom! There is no safety or security. There is an only threat there is only danger and there is only falls promises and the awful thing about those promises is that a lots of those falls promises is under our name as well. They are under the name of EU and under the name of UN. We all know the story here there is no point of I going to it again but I suppose the question I ask is: How can UN stand over this? How can a global assembly that promote Peace and security stand over what is happening in camp Liberty?

The US government has said an attack could happen at any time, the Iraqi government has said the same thing. When they will act? How many people have to slaughter? How many people have to die? How many more photographs do we have to have on a shrine for somebody to take action on this? And guarantees security to those people that were guaranteed? I see today on the podium, I don’t know all the speakers but yesterday I listen Colonel Wetly Martin and Dr. Tahar Boumedra and you will hear them later and all I can tell you is their testimonies are true their testimonies are genuine and their testimonies have to be listen to, and I don’t think we can ignore them and as a politicians we have a responsibility.

So, I am just going to finish up by saying I have been in many meeting by this parliament and time after time we described first of all Ashraf and secondly Liberty what is happening; the awful conditions, the unacceptable conditions, yet, things just continued to deteriorate they just get worse and worse and we stand by the sidelines.

You know we speak about Barnes Ashton, but she absolutely must acts on this, she can no longer in our name stand on the sidelines and let this happen. I mean in this parliament we never stop talking about human rights. We never stop it and yet we see something happening in front of our eyes and we know we could at least try to influence what is happening and we are not doing it.

So, what that it say about us? Members of European Parliaments.

So all I can finish up is that I agree with vice president Vidal-Quadras we cannot stand on the sidelines any longer. I want to congratulate madam Rajavi and her movement and just say to the residents of Liberty that it is a poor message but it is the best I can give you today; we have not forgotten you and we will continue to try to help in any way we can.

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Iraqi forces attack Camp Ashraf