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Senator Margarita Duran, Member of the Spanish Senate

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Brussels, March 27 2013 – Thank you. Thank you. First of all, Alejo, I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to speak briefly in this forum. I hope my words; our words in fact, can help to stop the inhuman situation of the 3100 refugees from Camp Liberty.

On March the 9th, I had the opportunity to participate in Paris in an event, organized by Council National De La Resistance Iranian, on occasion of Women’s Day, together with several Spanish members of parliament.

I must say that, before coming to this event, I really didn’t know much about the situation of Iranian exiles in Iraq, the members of People’s Mojahedin Organization, the principal Iranian opposition movement. And Camp Liberty and Camp Ashraf, in fact, meant barely anything to me.


Obviously, I had my opinion about the regime of Mullahs. And this view was the reason I wanted to give my support to Iranian women. The news about the bombing of Camp Liberty, the dead and the very many wounded, many permanently disabled, probably had occupied few minutes on the local news, perhaps the story about some metrological disaster and perhaps robbery at the supermarket. Unfortunately, what is not known or does not appear in the media does not exist for the public opinion.



At the Women’s Day event, I could put a face to the suffering of thousands of Iranians, whose life is in danger right now for the sole reason of not wanting to be resigned to live under political oppression. People who, under the leadership of Madam Rajavi, believe strongly that it is not true that in North Africa and the Middle East, they necessarily need to choose between secular dictatorship and religious fundamentalism.


It is not true. People who believe that it is possible for another kind of government that respects human rights and freedom of conscious, in which the woman is not the second class citizen. Their own alternative board of Iranian people, not imposed or suggested.

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Iraqi forces attack Camp Ashraf