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Paolo Casaca – Martin Kobler Responsible for What Happened in Camp Liberty

Brussels, March 27 2013 – It is really a great honor to be here among you and I would like to congratulate you for this wonderful success.

For all the members you managed to come to bring here from several countries of the European Union. And to tell you that in this minuet that Srebrenica was spoken about in his meeting, but I would like to say that in Srebrenica there was a coward nest, here there is complicity and this is really much worse.

Mr. Martin Kobler there’s to repeat the mantra of disinformation of department of the Iranian secret services that says, and I, for ten years I have been hearing this, and in original and every form that pile list of Iranian secret services: “The problem in Ashraf and now Liberty is that, there is a leadership that does not allow that the members go away, this is a complete lie.”


I was there as well and I can testify what General Philips already did, much better than me because he was there for much more time. This is complete lie. This is a cover up for a crime, for the assassination of these innocent people.


Martin Kobler is responsible for this and we cannot in no circumstances forget about this and I absolutely subscribe to your proposal. He must go to a court, and the court he must go he must face much heavier charges than those who are responsible for Srebrenica.

Thank you very much.

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Iraqi forces attack Camp Ashraf