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Congressman Dana Rohrabacher – We Will Prevail Over the Mullahs in Tehran

Paris, February 16, 2013 - Ok, thank you very much, but I actually think you are thanking my wife for letting me have time to help you.

I am very grateful that the mayor was here with us to welcome us and to lend his prestige to this meeting. I reminded the mayor that in the House of Representatives, we have only two paintings, very large ones on the floor of House of Representatives. There are two people who are depicted in the United States Congress; one of course is George Washington, the father of our country when we had our revolution, and the other painting is of Lafayette, who came to help us in our struggle for freedom.



Now, today, I am very pleased to be here, in the spirit of Lafayette to help you for your freedom. Some of you may know that over the years, I have spent some time with Ronald Reagan, my political mentor and I worked with him in the White House for over 7 years over his term in the Office. At that time, he established the Reagan Doctrine which is let us help those other people who are enemies of our enemies who struggle for freedom.


I am very proud that our president took that stand and I remember that at one point, there was a gathering of people against Soviet Communism in Africa. President Reagan sent those freedom fighters a letter and in the letter, his message was that your fight is our fight and we are with you. I never forget that and this support embolden those people in their struggle and as a result of our support,   for those people struggling against soviet tyranny, the Soviet Union was disintegrated and the Soviet Communism as we knew it, is no longer a threat that the world faced for decades and decades.

Today, we face same threat from the radical Islam that threatens the throw the world into tyranny and injustice in the name of their religious convictions; just the same way the Soviet Communists had their own anti religion convictions. All I say to you and Madame Rajavi tonight is that your fight is our fight and we are with you. And just as Ronald Reagan’s commitment to stand with those people struggling for their freedom created a more peaceful world and created opportunities for peace, we will create a more peaceful world and a chance for the decent people of the world to live in freedom, treat each other with respect and dignity and we will prevail over the mullahs in Iran and all the dictators who use religion as an excuse to murder and oppress their own people.

And your fight, MEK’s fight is of particular importance. If the Mullah dictatorship in Iran manages to murder and suppress and frighten you in the submission, it will embolden these dictators and gangsters in Tehran to be even harsher on their own people and to create more havoc for the rest of the world, the MEK must not be permitted to be subjugated and defeated, we must stand together with those people in Iran and MEK because their fight is our fight.

One of the symbols of this fight of course has been the terrible situation we found ourselves in with 3,000 helpless refugees being put in harm’s way in Iraq. It has been a big struggle and I would like to thank judge Poe for being such an important part of this struggle to make sure that we delisted the MEK and let me add, because Brian is here with us today. This is true that it was a bi-partisan struggle. After an incredible effort, we finally got the MEK delisted as a terrorist organization.

It could have served as part of the arrangement that the people of Ashraf could have gone to a safe area very quickly in order to be safely transported to other countries.   Unfortunately the bad guys broke their promise with us again. The fact that just a few of the individuals from Camp Liberty have been settled in safe havens is a horror story for them and a disappointment for us; A disappointment for us who worked so hard hoping that these 3,000 people will be safe.

And just a few days ago, rockets begin slamming into Camp liberty. Who is responsible for this attack, for the seven people who have died and many more who have been injured? Who is responsible? The Mullahs regime, of course, but I tell you that Prime Minister Maleki is responsible for any attacks and deaths of the people in Camp Liberty. We will hold him responsible if more attacks are planned.

We will put forward a resolution to declaring Maleki and his government supporters of state terrorism and being treated as a terrorist regime.

So, tonight, let us renew our commitment to you to work together with you, at the very least to save those 3,000 souls that are so vulnerable in Camp Liberty.   But also renew our commitments; because those souls are symbolic, they are symbolic of the people of Iran, who are helplessly facing a gangster regime who does not think twice about murdering them and killing unarmed people.

The people of Camp Liberty are symbolic of their fellow Iranians and the people of Iran are symbolic of the people of the world who languish in any tyranny. It is up to us to declare our solidarity as Ronald Reagan did with who were opposing communism. It is our turn to declare our solidarity with the people of the world who are struggling against radical Islam and whatever tyranny suppresses the spirit of human kind and how do we show that? We show that by:

  1. Protecting the people of Camp Ashraf and camp Liberty
  2. Working with you, Madame, to show to people of Iran that they have an alternative
  3. Stand together united and tall and sometime in the future we can tell that we defeated those forces in Islam that use Islam as a tool of repression instead of  an honest religion that should be respected alongside with the others on the face of the world.

And tonight, we are with you and God Bless You!

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Iraqi forces attack Camp Ashraf