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Congressman Ted Peo: Liberty Not Safe; Move Residents Back to Ashraf

Paris, February 16, 2013 - Thanks you very much! Madam President, I bring you greetings from Texas. Howdy?

I also give you my personal opinions about the situation for which we are all here. It is important to you, to the Iranian people throughout the world, and especially the Iranians in Iran and camp Liberty that we do  not let in Camp Liberty, the light of liberty be extinguished by anyone.

It is necessary for us to find out immediately and let the world know who was responsible for the attack on the innocents in camp liberty. That is our goal: first find who is responsible and now that the world understands that Camp Liberty is not a safe place, it is necessary that we move immediately to the good people out of Camp Liberty and move them back where they can be safe in camp Ashraf and continue the struggle to make sure they don’t stay in camp Ashraf any longer than it is necessary and allow them to be free out of Iraq and move to the country of their individual choice.

Self-determination in Iran is a simple concept that is down in the soul of people that have always lived and that is to be free and to make their own decision as to who shall have rule over them.

My hope and desire is that the Iranian people have self-determination very soon and they decide in a fair process who will be the government of Iran. Delisting was a first step, an important step, but it is not the only step in this struggle.

And I say this to the daughters of democracy and the sons of liberty in Iran and Camp Liberty and other places in the world: there are many of us who will continue to stand by you to make sure that the struggle for freedom is not your struggle alone, but the struggle for everyone who believes that people should be free and have liberty.

And the little fellow from the dessert should know that there are people throughout the world watching him and that is just the way it is.

Thank you!

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Iraqi forces attack Camp Ashraf