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Congressman Brian Higgins – A Strategy to Fight for Freedom

Paris, February 16, 2013 - Thank you very much, Thank you Judge Poe, Madam President, we are honoured to be here, in a briefing before this gathering.

we were informed that elections will take place in Iran in June and the regime in Tehran has been weakened in the past 4 years so the question is what is the strategy of those who fight for freedom and what is our obligation as America as a nation that fought a war against the colonial power many, many years ago to secure the rights that we enjoy today as a nation and we always believed in our creed our American Creed that is our responsibility to help other nations to find freedom in their own terms. When you look at a beautiful country like Iran, 80 million people, 70 % under the age of 25, the 2 most powerful forces today are youth and technology.

Twitter, YouTube, the internet generally speaking is used for both organizational purposes, to organize against the regime but also for aspirational purposes.

Because of these tools of collaboration you are able to see how others are living throughout the world and we have an obligation and that is what we are doing here as a delegation to ensure that we cab do everything that we can to support your efforts to define freedom in your own terms so that your kids and their grandkids can realize the full potential of citizens of the great country of Iran.

Thank you

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Iraqi forces attack Camp Ashraf