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Paulo Casaca: Al-Maliki and Iran Behind Rocket Attack

Paulo CasacaGeneva, February 28, 2013 - Allow me to underline what is the most striking or interesting feature on this terrorist attack. The Iraqi Chapter of Hezbollah has not refrained from no effort to claim that they did orchestrated and did this attack under the instructions dictated by the supreme leader of Iran.

This is very peculiar because as you all know, Hezbollah, either in Lebanon, Iraq or other countries normally do not associate themselves with such terrorist attacks. But this time, they actually made the effort to announce to the international community that they did commit this crime. Of course, nobody doubts their claim, but by doing so, they are trying to keep the fiction that Nouri al Maleki is not responsible for this attack.

Maleki himself has confessed that he was a key authority in the Al-Davah group at the time of Saddam Hussein. The group Al-Davah, is one of the earliest Islamist terrorist organizations according to Bruce Offman.  Anybody who knows about terrorisms also knows that Al-Davah was the fundamental step to Jihadi modern terrorism. Right at the beginning of the war between Iran and Iraq, Maleki travelled to Syria and then to Iran. He had close ties with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, as well as other terrorist organizations across the world.

His government was actually imposed by Iran and the west on the Iraqi people, a matter for extraordinary disgust. It is very much clear to everyone that he is 100% under the influence of the Iranian theocrats. This time, the attack on Camp Liberty was so obviously orchestrated by Maleki that he and his government had to make this charade that it was not him behind this attack. But of course it is him behind all these. He is the one who is allowing the facilitation of smuggling arms to Syria from Iran. He is the main person to blame for all these terrorist attacks within his own country. He sure is 100% part of the religious regime that acts well beyond the borders of Iran. This is why they are trying to deny and hide. Why? Because the moment the evidence is cleared, it will be very difficult for them to explain their own policy. How could the residents of Camp Liberty be under the protection of this person? How could it happen and does anyone expect otherwise? I would like to ask the High Commissioner of Human Rights, Mr.  …… to do a rather simple thing. That simple thing is, I would like to ask him to say that in the past one year, we were able to manage to get 7 people out from Camp Liberty. Based on history of events, the risk for the well being of the remaining 3200 people in Camp Liberty is absolutely immense. Another attacked and more could happen any day, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, any day. He has to declare that these people are in immediate danger to death, just that. The US, as well as the international community should act on their promises and immediately evacuate these people by planes. They could be taken to United States, Albania, Kurdistan, and other safe places. Also the United Nations should dismiss this joke as “UNAMI”. As you know, the UNAMI president, Mr. Kobler was selected by Maleki himself. Maleki kept the option of not accepting a UNAMI chief if he is not happy with. And Mr. Kobler, a German, has a very favourable personality and says yes to what the Iranian regime wants. The United Nations should make the financial matters of the UNAMI public. The biggest contributor to the UNAMI budget is the Islamic Republic of Iran. How could this be possible, how could one believe United Nations proceeding like this? And of course, for Germany, if you just look at the publications of the German diplomatic group in Iraq, they see it as a business opportunity. They have been involved with UNAMI on commercial and very short-sided, I should say, objectives. UNAMI is really a sad joke, it should be dismissed and abolished immediately. No one should even think of giving any credibility to an organization that deserves none. At the end, I would like to say to Madame Zangani that we as Europeans should be ashamed of ourselves that we try to hide behind you and yourself whose body has been damaged by hand generates by such attacks.  Despite all this, the United Nations still uses the term “excessive force”, it is shameful. I hope we will wake up and see that this situation can not last and we can not always hide ourselves behind people like you.

Thank you

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