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Lars Rise: After the Attack, No More Business as Usual

Lars RiseGeneva, February 28, 2013 - Let me start by paying tribute to Dr. Taher Boumedra for his courage. I am very impressed that you have the courage to stand up against the leadership of UNAMI and testified at US congress afterwards. It was a great pleasure to watch your testimony in front of the members of US congress. Thank you for what you did.

Madam Rajavi, ladies and gentlemen, We are on historic ground here not only because the Geneva conventions were born here but also because of the idea of promoting human rights and peace in Europe after WW2 was born in Switzerland.

When Winston Churchill came to Switzerland after WW2, he said we needed a United States of Europe and the result was the council of Europe, the European declaration of human rights which later became the international convention of human rights.

When we see how these principles are being guarded by the highest officials of the UN in Iraq, it is quite horrifying. If bombs and rockets had been decimated in refugee camps in some European countries, if we had seen some of these happened in Paris or London or Berlin or in Geneva, it would have been a major catastrophe. Now we see that highest officials of the UN just saying let’s do business as usual; let’s just cooperate and forget about what happened; let’s forget about those 7 who died. It is a great shame and we are now watching a big drama where its actors are more or less in agreement of the purpose.

Alternative one is killing all members of the PMOI. Alternatively just split up the group into small group once resettled. If they have plans for teenage girls, only 15, 16 or 17 years old, to travel alone to … which is quite close to Artic in the northern Finland where actually they promote Santa Clause; it is a freezing cold place and these three teenagers would be alone there.

This is just one example of how the UN is working in accordance with the wishes and plans of the Iranian regime to split up the movement so that you can have three there, ten there and so on. Therefore we should protest against that. So, we have the main actors in agreement obviously.

Martin Kobler, his wife the German ambassador, Prime Minister Maliki, and today we had very strong documentation from the leader of Iraq’s Hezbollah Mr. Ratah? Batat? who is now in direct contact with Khamenei and he takes instructions from Tehran and his purpose is to  kill as many PMOI member as possible and it is his duty. It is completely shocking and it is strange to see the silence from the UNAMI leadership. We have not seen any protest on that and I wonder how Mr. Kobler can just continue to demand cooperation and do business as usual when we have state of emergency.

From my point of view the UN has to remove Martin Kobler from his position immediately. The German government should call home the German ambassador immediately because of misconduct in her service. It is probably much more than misconduct in service and the US should send a fleet of aircraft to get all members of PMOI in camp Ashraf and camp Liberty to safe harbour. I am very happy for the statement of former governor Ed Rendell who reminded us about the guarantees given by the US government. Defending crime or closing your eyes on crimes or facilitating crimes against humanity is absolutely under the mandate of the international criminal court and I think both Mr. Kobler and his wife the German ambassador should know that all their actions or lack of actions are very well documented, and like many of the former speakers I really hope for investigation and prosecution.

These things that happen in Iraq are now better documented than several of the cases that have been presented to the ICC tribunal from my point of view. The Iranian regime is now quite desperate to get the sanctions lifted and in the negotiations in Kazakhstan they have tried to sell something in order to have the sanctions lifted and in return Iran may guarantee that the nuclear program has only peaceful purposes.

In the end I would like to say that the US carries a heavy responsibility. First because the US air force bombarded camp Ashraf in accordance to an agreement with Iran in 2003 and 50 people were killed. This gives the US government special responsibility. And later we got these various guarantees issued by the US government and today the US government seems to have forgotten the guarantees and they are negotiating concerning the sanctions. The US Should rather think how they can make up for the errors in the past and have immediate action. Maybe we can appeal to the new Secretary of Defence Mr. Hagel to intervene and show that a guarantee from the US if to be trusted.

Again I am very glad that Ed Rendell documented the different guarantees so well here. A guarantee from the US should be a document to be trusted. So let’s hope that can be the case and we need immediate action now.

More than 120000 people died in the struggle for freedom in Iran. In the Norwegian parliament we have special commemorated plate with a plaque and fresh white lilies. 365 days here with all the names who died during WW1 and the plaque concerning WW2 stating nobody is forgotten. They died in order for the people to live.

As we pay tribute today to the 7 people, on the wall here, I would like to express my hope that one day we be able to see a similar commemorated plate with all the names of people who died in the freedom struggle inside the national assembly in Iran. Hopefully we can read no one is forgotten; they died in order for the people to live. Almost like the statement of Jesus in John 15th: No one has greater love than those who lay down their lives for their friends.

Thank you very much. Azadi.

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Iraqi forces attack Camp Ashraf