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Patrick Kennedy: Can Kobler be Trusted Again?

Patrick KennedyGeneva, February 28, 2013 - Madam Rajavi just spoke so eloquently about the legacy of what brings us here today. She spoke about her personal legacy, that of her family members who have been part of the struggle to free the people of Iran from this brutal dictatorship. She talked about what brings us to Geneva, the legacy of human rights, the legacy of protecting refugees. In a sense, we are all heir to that legacy if we believe that there is an alternative to violence. Today in the world the international community thinks that the only final option to the intransigent of the Iranian mullahs to suspend their nuclear ambition is a military option; today in Geneva we commit ourselves to a different option; we commit ourselves to a non-violent option; a political option and that is to recognize and support the main Iranian Resistance to the mullahs in Tehran, the PMOI/MEK as the legitimate future.


There are 7 new martyrs on the wall, added to number who have been killed and injured before whether it was July 2009 or April 2011, as Madam Rajavi said, these new 7 martyrs join in the legacy of those who laid down their live to bring about a free Iran. Today we have to commit ourselves to make sure that they did not lose their lives in vain. Today we must commit ourselves to making sure that no more lives are lost in camp Liberty or camp Ashraf. And as Madam Rajavi said this is an issue of security but let us understand how we got here, because it wasn’t something this organization and many of us did not warn would happen.


If we had paid attention to the lives of those who said initially that Liberty was a humanitarian camp; well we know today that it was a lie because we saw conflicting memos from those in the UN saying that conditions at Liberty were deplorable and unfit for humanitarian concerns. But Martin Kobler said that Liberty was OK for resettlement. Martin Kobler lied about the humanitarian condition in Liberty. Next, we saw the promise of resettlement, rapid resettlement for the asylum seekers who moved to Liberty in order to be resettled. Again we saw Martin Kobler lied about rapid resettlement of those in camp Liberty. And finally we heard that camp Liberty was safe and secure when all of your family members told us and showed us this was not true. But Martin Kobler said that it was true and it would be safe. Martin Kobler lied again about the safety of camp Liberty.

If today we are to be sure that these 7 martyrs and those who were killed before did not die in vain, then we must be honest about what has been going on and the lies that has been perpetrated by the UN representative in charge of camp Liberty. That is what we are here to focus on because the integrity and credibility of the UN is not beyond reproach and it is not worth what they stand for to say that they are an agency that holds the highest for the protection of human rights and refugees while one of their own representative continues to lie about the protection, safety and humanitarian condition of that camp that has been the place where all of those asylum seekers have been kept.

So, what do we have to do today? We have to call on all of those of good conscious at the UN to say is Martin Kobler worthy of the name as UN commissioner when it comes to the safety and protection of people in camp Liberty? Is Martin Kobler worthy of being trusted again? Is Martin Kobler worthy of promising the protection, safety and resettlement of the people of camp Liberty? No, he is not and the UN must say so and say so aggressively.

Martin Kobler must go. As Madam Rajavi said so powerfully, we can give speech today but tonight people at camp Liberty are worrying about their lives. We need answers; we need actions; we don’t need more words; we need resolves. The UN in Geneva must rapidly change the situation if they want their integrity intact. They must move those who are entrapped in camp Liberty back to Ashraf where they can be secured in a place with the kind of protective buildings that are suitable to save and protect lives. Number one, the UN must move people today to camp Ashraf. The UN and the US must be clear that any inaction from here on now can unmistakeably been seen as complicity with any future lives lost because we warned the US State Department, we warned the UN that these attacks were inevitable and they have been not once, not twice, but three times there were attacks on the defenseless, unarmed and protected people under to fourth Geneva convention.

This is not allowed to stand if we care about the charters of the UN and what they stand for, this cannot be permitted to continue. And finally we need to have accountability and call for an investigation. I saw that Martin Kobler called on Iraq and Maliki to investigate. You know what that sound like to me? It sounds like us asking Osama Bin Laden to investigate 9/11. We know that Iraq as the puppet to Tehran regime was complicit in these attacks. Let’s make sure that the UN and the US are not complicit any more in the denial of human rights, in the murder of innocent refugees and in the continued subjugation of all Iranians who live under tyrannical, fascist, fundamentalist regime that is calling an end to the civilized world with its construction of nuclear weapon. Isn’t it time that we put stop to all of this.

Thank you very much

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Iraqi forces attack Camp Ashraf