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Mr. Stanislav Polcak – Shocked by the Suffering of Iranian People

Paris, February 2, 2013 - Dear Madame Rajavi, dear colleagues, dear women and men of the Iranian nation, let me politely greet you on behalf of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.  I am coming from the country of Vaclav Havel so thank you dear colleagues for many beautiful words about Vaclav Havel.  Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia in the past, knows the time of the totalitarian regime [0:00:39].  We remember hundreds of deaths, tortured and jailed people in the Czechoslovakia.  We know the statement that (at present) state regime which is repressing the human rights of hundreds of thousands of its citizens.  We are the bearer of what these are capable of.  Citizens of my country lived in such a state almost half a century.  Several members of my family were imprisoned.  Even one of them died in a consequence of the jail.  We have been living in a free country, Czech Republic, since more than 20 years.  We do belong in a united Europe which is bringing the (sureness) of peace and cooperation.  Yes, we create the rules together.  These rules and regulations are not accepted with pleasure sometimes, but still in a way of the democratic rules and respect to the human rights, rule of law, and independent justice.  We are proud of the Nobel Prize for Peace that the European Union received.

Coming through all these facts we are very touched by the suffering of the Iranian people.  We are shocked from the torture, executions and the anti-human treatment.  I felt a big sadness having been visited by two of your representatives in Prague last week.  I was told about what your nation is going through in a more detailed way.  At the same time, I was very glad that you are not giving up.  You have a belief in the future and your children have hope.  I have read the general statement of your council.  We respect your attitudes and belief in the real democracy.  I let the chairwoman of the Czech Parliament, Mrs. [0:03:20], know about the work of your National Council of Resistance of Iran.  She is sending this message to you: "We are supporting you.  We are supporting you with our experience of the totalitarian regime.  We will be honored to welcome the representative of your council in Prague."  [applause] "I believe we will be able to convince you about our support and partnership.  Thank you and all the best.  We will see us in democratic Iran.  Thank you."  [applause]

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