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Juku-Kalle Raid, MP from Estonia: Supporting a Free Iran

Juku KalleParis, February 2, 2013 - Good evening all to you.  It's really an honor to stand here.  And first of all maybe I'd like to give best wishes from Estonian Parliamentarians who couldn't attend in this event, and best wishes all to you and to Mrs. Maryam Rajavi as well.  I take the risk to say that Estonians really understand what Iranian people are living through nowadays.  And it's very simple way, because we lived under Soviet occupation five decades, more than 50 years under Soviet Russian occupation.  Russia, which is now ally of mullah regime in Europe.  So, with killings, executions, deportation and huge, huge pressure from the regime.  And I think that every people, every single person of free world must even try to understand the difficulty of fighting against dictatorship, against criminal regime.  And I think everyone must try to support these kind of fightings.  And I think everyone in here agrees that Iranian regime, what it is today, is a great danger to the whole, whole world.  We must remember it.  If every day people are executed, (systematically) killed, that's not normal.  You know, dictatorships and dictators are like cancer or AIDS, we can't live peacefully in the world when regime like mullah regime, Iran, continues its existence.  It must be stopped. [applause]


But while it really seems so clear and on the one hand it is clear, but on the other hand, is it?  Don't you think that politicians, our Western world, free world, like to talk very much?  We talk and talk and we keep on talking how we are adore and love our freedom, and how elementary is freedom.  Okay.  If it is so, then why are the measures against dictatorship so weak, useless, or doesn't exist at all? [applause]  Couple of months ago Mrs. Maryam Rajavi visited Estonia and we had a conference of Iran resistance in Estonia.  Maryam Rajavi had an opportunity to meet with several Estonian politicians, parliament members, minister political parties.  And I think this is giving a clear message to Western world, please don't be shy to meet with Iran resistance, to listen Iran resistance, and to carry on Iran resistance message about elementary freedom that we used to enjoy in our countries.  [applause]


Dear colleagues from Western side of the world, from free side of the world, dear Western politicians, please don't feel shy not only to talk loudly about freedom but to act for freedom.  Please don't feel shy to press dictatorship.  Please don't fee shy to support free Iran.  [applause] Because if we love our freedom, we love your freedom.  And if we can't support your freedom we don't support our freedom.  Thank you.  [applause]

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