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Colonel Wesley Martin - Kobler Singing Maliki's Praises

Colonel Wesley MartinParis, February 2, 2013 - My brothers, my sisters, I thank you.  Before I start I'd like to do the same thing I've done the past two times, to make a point to all our guests here.  Everybody in this room who has a loved one—a brother, a sister, a son, a daughter, a father, a mother—at Camp Ashraf or Camp Liberty, please stand.  Members of the panel, this is how real the situation is.  Here are the people who have a very strong, vested interest of the situation at Camp Liberty and Camp Ashraf, and I share with you.  They are my brothers and my sisters there as well and we need to fight to get them out.  [applause] Thank you, thank you.

Albert Einstein was correct when he stated, "The world is a dangerous place to live not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who do not do anything about it."  The residents of Liberty and Ashraf dedicated themselves to correcting the evil that had taken over the government of Iran.  Unfortunately, the residents have become victims of that evil, and that evil now controlling the government of Iraq.  Meanwhile, covering their ears, eyes and mouth, we have the United Nations, the United States State Department and Western media seeing no evil, hearing no evil, and speaking no evil.


Today, Iraq is in chaos: widespread violence in the cities, demonstrations against the government, people being gunned down by government troops and run over by government vehicles.  Secret prisons continue as they did when we were busting them up in the early 2000s.  Burning of books, closing of radio and television stations and the government targeting specific populations.  Caught in this, as we all know, are the residents of Ashraf and Liberty.  Everybody here understands what is happening at Liberty, the daily torment, the denial of basic needs, the harassment by Sadiq's troops and the blatant violations of humanitarian standards to the very people the United States government promised protected person status.  This is why Nouri Al-Maliki did not allow Senator Torricelli to visit Liberty Ashraf or most everywhere else.  Senator Torricelli is a hard fighter.  Senator Torricelli is not going to cover up corruption while singing Maliki's praises.  Senator Torricelli was denied access just as my offer to serve as the United Nations security officer was denied.  And I have the rejection slip in my hand.  And just as the offer Dave Phillips and I made to accompany the interview team over to visit with the residents and determine their ability to come to the United States.

In the center of all this we have United Nations ambassador Martin Kobler, the same person who lied to the world and lied to the residents of Ashraf and said Camp Liberty met humanitarian standards.  Watching Herr Kobler I have come to realize Nouri Al-Maliki is the best ventriloquist in the world.  No matter how far away every time Herr Kobler opens his mouth Maliki speaks.  The 29th of November speech to the United Nations was classic.  Kobler spoke of Maliki working with the Kuwaiti government and the fact that MEK must cooperate.  Kobler was assuring Kuwait and the world that Maliki has no designs on Kuwait, the 19th province.  That has been an issue since Iraq was artificially created after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.  It was an issue with [0:04:39] in the republic, it was an issue as we all know with Saddam and the Baathist regime.

Second, Kobler was presenting Maliki as a fair leader whose patience is being tested by the uncooperative MEK.  The residents of Liberty and Ashraf have cooperated in every way possible, just as they cooperated with the Americans all through the years and I found them to be the best allies I ever served in combat with.  When Maliki refused to allow Torricelli's work to go forward, it was Kobler who sang Maliki's praises.  In reality, Herr Kobler has become Maliki's minister of foreign propaganda.  This has not been without reward, for as you heard governor Dean say, Herr Kobler's wife, Frau Kobler, is now the German ambassador to Iraq.  Unlike Dave Phillips, Rear Admiral Gar Wright, Lieutenant Colonel Leo McCloskey and I, who receive no financial reward while standing up for duty, honor, country, Herr Kobler is well rewarded for sitting on the knee and moving his lips to the words of Nouri Al-Maliki.

To my brothers and sisters at Ashraf and Liberty, I assure you your friends in Western Europe and North America are fighting for you.  Recently you saw some of the results.  Martin Kobler's sudden and unexpected visit to Liberty was in no small part due to the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon receiving letters concerning your conditions.  These letters were sent by members of the European Union and two dozen of your American friends.  Every day I see it, your friends are working hard to bring an end to the evil you are enduring and to support the movement of democracy led by Maryam Rajavi.

In the past year less than ten residents have been relocated out of Liberty.  As I have stated before, the United Nations has been handling this condition, this situation, no better than Rwanda 20 years ago.  The following needs to happen immediately: Nations need to open their doors to the residents of Ashraf and Liberty, starting with the United States.  Herr Kobler needs to be removed from Iraq and sent back to Germany for retirement.  [applause] The residents either need to be moved out of Iraq or moved back to Camp Ashraf under the protection of the United Nations.  And I am most willing to tear up that rejection and go back with them.  [applause] And let me say this—and my friends at Camp Liberty and Ashraf will back it up—if I am there, no resident of Ashraf or Liberty will be killed unless Sadiq plans on killing an American colonel first.  And I'll tell you what, Sadiq isn't man enough for the job so he better bring a lot of help.  [applause] Thank you my friends, thank you.  Thank you.  I appreciate it.

If they are not allowed to move back to Camp Ashraf then Camp Liberty needs to be put under UN control.  When the residents do relocate they will be ambassadors to the world.  They will be the outstanding people Dave Phillips, Admiral Wright, Leo McCloskey and I have been telling the world about.  And they will prove it.  The mullahs in Iran fear this, and already the Ministry of Intelligence is trying to recruit these people.  To the residents, and I know you already know this, I say do not trust these people and stay away from them.  Do not let the mullahs destroy everything you have lived your lives and worked to produce.  As evidenced in the recent Pentagon report, the mullahs fear MEK more than anything else.  Finally to my brothers and sisters I ask, do not give up on yourselves, your fellow residents or to your friends in Western Europe and North America, because we will not give up on you.  Thank you. [applause]

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Iraqi forces attack Camp Ashraf