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Paulo Casaca: United for the Cause of Free Iran

Paulo CasacaDecember 19, 2012 - Thank you, thank you. Dear friend, Alejo, I almost fainted with your words. You know we are friends but we are brothers. We are united in the cause which is Free Iran and all humanity with the same rights and this is why I am very moved by your words, which deeply move me. Allow me to speak a little about myself, for the other political leaders, and leaders of humanitarian associations in Spain. I’m Portuguese, you’ll have noticed, I’m a socialist and I have been working for a long time on the Iranian issue. I wanted to remind you that on the 4th of December this year we witnessed the 32nd anniversary of an accident where the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister of Portugal were killed [Francisco de Sá Carneiro and Adelino Amaro da Costa]. Many years later, a Parliamentary committee reached the conclusion that it was a terrorist attack. Some days ago, the Minister of Foreign Affairs at that time said that the attack could not have been caused by any other reason than weapons trading with Iran. Right now in Portugal there is, I believe, the 11th investigation committee on this attack 32 years ago, and I think that the words of Alejo, the words you used in your keynote speech are the most important words. The problem is that without morals we are not going anywhere. The main problem: political, economic and social we are facing is a moral problem, and the issue is that there is weapons trade or any other trade which makes it worthwhile to hide facts of something that happened 32 years ago. It may well be that in Portugal imaginary business with Iran is regarded as being more important than fundamental values, even the lives of rulers themselves, this is something that I wanted to comment as I am closer to Portugal here than I have been recently. I wanted to say this.


Paulo Casaca, former member of the European Parliament

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