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Patrick Kennedy: Together For Human Rights in Iran

Patrick KennedyALEJO VIDAL-QUADRAS: Thank you, dear Jordi, for these inspiring words. You are absolutely right in saying that the Iranian people have had clouds on the horizon for too long. And it is time for the Sun to come out. What you said was very beautiful and inspiring. And now I am going to give the floor to a very good friend of Spain and the Iranian resistance, who we are very grateful to for the effort he has made to be here this evening.

The man I’m talking about is the former Congressman, Patrick Kennedy.


KENNEDY (in Spanish): But also I wish to say that we are together in our fight for Human Rights. We, together, can win this fight for Human Rights when we fight together. And I need the support, particularly from Spain for the refugees at Camp Liberty and Camp Ashraf. I hope that if your country can bring the refugees from Liberty to this country… Beautiful.Because they need democracy. And Spain has democracy. Finally, Iran is going to (how do you say it??) have democracy and therefore it is a fight for all of us. Thank you.



Patrick Kennedy, Member of the US Congress (1995-2011)

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Iraqi forces attack Camp Ashraf