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Jordi Xucla: Spain Standing for Democratic Future for Iran

Jordi XuclaThank you very much Mr Vidal Cuadras, member of parliament and for many years neighbour at Valmes street in Barcelona. Mrs Maryam Rajavi, colleagues, members of the Parliament, professor Garses, ladies and gentlemen, during my years as member of the Parliament I have always had clear that the noblest cause, the first cause, any other political motivation can be developed from is the defence and maintenance of the exercise of democracy and the respect for the human rights. That is why for me was clearly a priority to take part in the organization and modestly collaborate with this first visit, the honour that Spain receives the visit of the the Iranian opposition leader in exile, Maryam Rajavi. I have been many years following the evolution and fight of the Iranian opposition in the exile and I have also been following the fight of Mrs Rajavi for a long time and I can not do anything else than express my  admiration, my consideration of the fight of the opposition and specially of Mrs Rajavi's leadership. Yesterday we had the opportunity to have a little talk in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate about her life: the life of a person who has not been able to be in her country, Irán, for 30 years, a person who has experienced the horrors of the repression, death and the totalitarianism in her family.

That is why I want to start acknowledging the leadership and the humanity of the president Mrs Rajavi. Secondly, I would like to tell you that yesterday at the Cahmber of Deputies during the morning and at the Senate during the afternoon we could listen, as Mrs Rajavi said "In the house of the Democracy", to the approaches of the Iranian opposition in exile and we took note of the importance of this political agenda which today we have also listen to. This is an agenda based on Democracy, on the free elections, on the absolute respect for human rights, on the equality between men and women, on the quashing of the death sentence, on the United Nations Basic Principles, which for too long some regimes have said and noted that were only western values. And this is not true. The democratic struggle, the struggle to live in legal framework is a fundamental right which is worthy for the West, for Iran, and that is obviously also worthy for North and South Korea, which shows that these values are clearly universal. I see in all of you, some people who I have been cooperating with for years, I see you in your eyes, in the eyes of Mrs Rajavi this wish of democracy. At the beginning of the 90's, after the fall of communism during the Frankfurt book fair, the great reference for the democratic struggle, Václav Havel, together with Andre Glucksmann launched a small book, which could be the secular gospel of our common struggle for democracy. The title of this book, which I recommend you, is "To Leave Communism Is to Enter History"  and regarding Iran the common cause is to leave totalitarianisms to enter to history, so that you could live in peace and in a framework where you can develop a fundamental right: the right to live in human conditions to be able to develop as an individual and as a society. Thirdly, I would like to say that it is the first time that we meet after a very important cause you gained: the exclusion of your movement of the unfair treatment as a terrorist group from the black list. And Mrs Rajavi very generously has said that she has been accompanied during this struggle, as Mr professor knows a legal struggle, by the international community and by some friends from all over the world, but you have also live stigmatization and loneliness and you have resisted. Fourthly, I also would like to note that your political agenda is clearly against the nuclear program in Iran which is a delirium.  The delirium of a dying totalitarian regime, a delirium which only can provide instability, confrontation and threats to peace and  to global security. I also want to manifest our support, which I think that could be a consensus within the group of human rights of the Spanish Chamber of Deputies and also in the Senate in the chambers of the Parliament, a consensus in favour of your justified claims about the need to send the dossier about camp Ashraf and camp Liberty to the UN Security Council. Camps where during many years human rights were violated. And I want to appeal to the Spanish foreign policy too, which has to be a brave foreign policy, which can not have doubts about the principles and the appeasement of a clear unjust situation of repression. The Spanish Government with the support of the Parliament but with determination must apply sanctions to Iran and have to clearly express to the Iranian Government that Spain only wants a democratic future for the Iranian people and a future in peace. I hope all of these will be possible in the near future. Some people would say that these are some hopes form the exile, hopes form Paris, from Madrid. I also attend the large demonstrations in Paris in favour of the movement and I saw that behind it, behind Mrs  Rajavi,there was a big amount of people, but not only in the exile, I am sure that they are also in Iran. A big amount of people who, despite of repression, want to live in democracy and according the human rights. And we are not so naive, and this day will come as it came the 9th of November 1989 when at 11:46pm the first checkpoint was opened in Berlin, which meant the beginning of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the arrival of the Democracy to those countries which left communism to go back to the democracy. Havel also says in his book that people who live in liberty see many stars while they walk through the countryside, but people who have lived repression within totalitarianism, repression "inside a well", could only see few stars from well's mouth. And when we have seen these few stars we have learnt to love and wish democracy. And I am convinced that all of you have learnt, by means of this repression, to love the cause of the democracy and liberty. I am convinced that very soon we could say not only what I think and which I will express and will be noted in the Minutes: you are not only the Government in the exile, I am also convinced that very soon we will be able to visit Teherán and will be welcomed in a democratic Parliament  during a clear and sunny morning, and we will be able to say "good morning Mr/Mrs president" in a democratic country. Thank you very much.


Jordi Xucla, Foreign Affairs spokesman of Convergence and Union Party (CiU) in the Parliament

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